Gathering in the days

leaves an grassesHat and glove weather is upon us, the frost is not burning off when the sun hits it and the moon casts a cold light over the leafless landscape. It makes me appreciate the hum of the boiler when it clicks on, and the warm water of a morning shower. The sun during the days has its own sharp light but still retains a touch of warmth from summer, but there are phantom snowflakes waiting to fall and blanket the ground. I like to get out on hikes on days such as these and look closely at what autumn has left behind as it slips away. The nip in the air as Thanksgiving draws near brings to mind all the things to be grateful for. Maybe it is the inky darkness that falls in the evenings or the sunrises, but it seems as if this time of year asks us to slow down and count our blessings one by one. To hunker down and gather in what is dear, and share what we can.



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