Late fall walk

11-21-2013_099Yesterday, early in the morning I set aside the regular chores of the day and took myself out to the woods for a quick hike. Cold air the night before had created beautiful swirls of ice and clusters of frost on the grasses and leaves, even the path glittered where the sun rays illuminated it through the trees. The sun had not yet made it even halfway up the trees when I started, and by the time I reached this point the morning was changing from early to school bus and commuter time. But the skim of ice was in no hurry to be on its way, there was no need for me to rush either. My very chilled fingers finally pleaded for relief, gloves just didn’t quite do the job. When I walked back around the pond and left the cover of the woods, the suns warmed me and I paused to let it soak in. By then it was 19 degrees, but what a beautiful morning it was. These late fall days are a gift not to be passed up, then again- no day is.


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