Learn German, Amaze Your Friends!


(courtesy of clipartof.com)


Okay maybe that is a bit of an over-statement, after all I don’t know what might or might not amaze your friends. But how much fun is it to learn new words? Consider these:

Herbstlaubttrittvergnugen: (Hairbst-laowb-tritt-fair-gnuu-ghen): kicking through piles of autumn leaves

or maybe

Plauschplage: (Plowsch-plah-ghe): the pressure to make bantering small talk with people you interact with everyday.

or even

Baggerspion:  (Bagh-gher sphee-ohn): The urge to peek into boarded up construction sites

All things I didn’t have just the right English word for, now I have in German! Life is indeed good! Thanks to Ben Schott’s book Schottenfreude: German words for the human condition everyone can now enjoy such linguistic delights. Want more? Here’s the link to the show: http://nhpr.org/post/schadenfreude-zeitgeist-german-words-capture-indescribable


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