altered mansard rooftop


Tomorrow being Halloween it felt like this image fit the bill, an old, empty, no doubt haunted house. Halloween, before it was usurped by adults, was a great holiday all for kids. To some degree it still is, once you get by the overly creepy decorations and laments about too much candy. But it does seem like adults have clung to Halloween for themselves for longer than feels comfortable. Adults never dressed up in the past, few houses were decorated with more than a couple jack-o-lanterns or ghosts. Now it is big business with yards decorated to rival Christmas. Oh had I only invested in orange tinsel and inflatable monsters!

By law, all Halloween nights should be as follows:

1. warm

2. slightly windy

3. a little bit scary

I think that used to be one of the best parts, the being a little bit scared. It was not a regular time to be out, there were rustling leaves, night noises and lights flickering. Being in a costume that “hid” who you were only added to the thrill, it almost made the candy just a bonus. There is something delightful about being out an autumn night, with clouds scudding across the sky, the wind rattling the branches and small things scurrying in the shadows, that doesn’t exist in other seasons.

Take a moment tomorrow night to step out into the dark, close your eyes and breathe in that Halloween atmosphere.


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