Along the road to fall



Though we haven’t had a killing frost yet, the days of autumn are slipping away as the leaves begin to blanket the ground. The evening seems to fall quickly leaving an inky darkness in its wake, and the mornings edge over the horizon slowly. I am finding I have a lot of time on my hands this fall now that everyone has a driver’s license. It is a strange feeling to encounter after years of being “The Driver”, and I am a bit slow on the uptake of this change. And so, along the road to fall I am finding that time now has a feeling similar to swimming underwater, all else falls away and ceases to be in need of attention. It is a bit dangerous, this new feeling, as it slows down everything since the schedule has shifted. No longer does 2:00 have the same importance as it did just 6 months ago. And so I am having to relearn the clock hours of the day to be sure they don’t slip away unfulfilled, and it is actually a bit of a battle as the excess free time can go unused. I have to be vigilant to keep moving and doing or face stagnation. Those fall leaves can be slippery, so I have to place my feet carefully to continue to make progress.


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