altered mansard rooftop


Tomorrow being Halloween it felt like this image fit the bill, an old, empty, no doubt haunted house. Halloween, before it was usurped by adults, was a great holiday all for kids. To some degree it still is, once you get by the overly creepy decorations and laments about too much candy. But it does seem like adults have clung to Halloween for themselves for longer than feels comfortable. Adults never dressed up in the past, few houses were decorated with more than a couple jack-o-lanterns or ghosts. Now it is big business with yards decorated to rival Christmas. Oh had I only invested in orange tinsel and inflatable monsters!

By law, all Halloween nights should be as follows:

1. warm

2. slightly windy

3. a little bit scary

I think that used to be one of the best parts, the being a little bit scared. It was not a regular time to be out, there were rustling leaves, night noises and lights flickering. Being in a costume that “hid” who you were only added to the thrill, it almost made the candy just a bonus. There is something delightful about being out an autumn night, with clouds scudding across the sky, the wind rattling the branches and small things scurrying in the shadows, that doesn’t exist in other seasons.

Take a moment tomorrow night to step out into the dark, close your eyes and breathe in that Halloween atmosphere.

Into the winds of change

girls 1999 001My daughters have reached an age where small children are adorable to them. Half forgotten, softened by time are the memories of playground slights, birthday invitations never received and tears over spelling lists. Instead they are able to look back with fondness at days of play,of having time to play and the joy of playing with toys that now can’t hold their interest. They are knee-deep in the struggle with keeping grades high, college plans and the drama the teen years hold. Childhood now seems to them a thing of simplicity, humor and cuteness. They can’t recall their frustration at not being able to reach doorknobs, or see what is on counters, it has all drifted into the hazy past of their memories. They are entering that stage of life where their childhood surroundings seem to be shrinking as the call of the outside world grows and their view widens. It is a time of great excitement and hesitation as they really grasp that it all will change forever whatever course they choose. Standing still is not an option as time presses them forward, yet the  desire to pause it all momentarily…to just breathe feels like it must be obeyed if they could just figure out how to do it.


Fall drifts by



A couple of weeks ago while I was outside reading this tiny leaf came to rest on my page. A quarter would have shown from behind it was so small, yet it was so exquisitely colored and serrated that I had to photograph it and feature it in a piece. The fall has now turned to the final days and a late killing frost is due. Time passes, drifts and flows by us whether or not we notice, but sometimes our attention is captured by a tiny item coming into our view.

Today I hope your day has a least one such moment, or even two.