A down and an unexpected up

At home in the sticks(At home in the sticks)

Friday was a letdown day as another job was offered to someone else, no interview to even get a shot at it. Definitely a mood breaker. But day turned to night and morning preceded another afternoon. Such is life. The uptick didn’t come until Sunday at 5:30 when I went to pick up pieces I had in a small local art show I had entered on a whim. As my daughter and I browsed through the amazing submissions we located first one then the second piece I had in, but where was the third, oh just around the corner and it had a “sold” sticker on it! Nothing like an unexpected sale to perk you up. Now it doesn’t replace a steady, weekly check but it at least gives a warm fuzzy feeling that helps offset concerns about the path you are on.  Friday I was wondering what message the universe is sending me, and I still am. But at least I can be pleased with the fact that someone liked this piece enough to want it on their wall to enjoy. Plus, as it was a fundraising show, I helped support a place that maintains many of the trails I hike on. So everyone ended up happy.

Not a bad way to end the month.


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