POTM for September


My friend Sandi and I met last week and each chose our “Project of the Month” for September. She set a big fall cleaning task of a room in her house, I chose to tackle the jungle that is the plastic food storage container cupboard. The tops are all standing at attention even if they no longer have a base. The container bottoms however are higgledy-piggledy, teetering precariously atop each other. It drives me nuts, and repeated attempts to straighten it up are temporary. So, I need to sort and remove those that are orphans once and for all. I also added the cupboard next to it that has a mishmash of bags, dishes and stuff. I am not diving right into this, as it is a prickly job to do with people at home. It will wait until I have the house to myself. But it needs doing, and I will be glad when it is done.


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