A down and an unexpected up

At home in the sticks(At home in the sticks)

Friday was a letdown day as another job was offered to someone else, no interview to even get a shot at it. Definitely a mood breaker. But day turned to night and morning preceded another afternoon. Such is life. The uptick didn’t come until Sunday at 5:30 when I went to pick up pieces I had in a small local art show I had entered on a whim. As my daughter and I browsed through the amazing submissions we located first one then the second piece I had in, but where was the third, oh just around the corner and it had a “sold” sticker on it! Nothing like an unexpected sale to perk you up. Now it doesn’t replace a steady, weekly check but it at least gives a warm fuzzy feeling that helps offset concerns about the path you are on.  Friday I was wondering what message the universe is sending me, and I still am. But at least I can be pleased with the fact that someone liked this piece enough to want it on their wall to enjoy. Plus, as it was a fundraising show, I helped support a place that maintains many of the trails I hike on. So everyone ended up happy.

Not a bad way to end the month.


Carpe Dime



Yesterday I went for a walk along the same stretch of country road I had walked the day before. And there it was- a dime, just waiting for someone to see it. I find this happens regularly to me. Case in point, last week I hemmed and hawed about going for a walk around the city. Which way to go, left or right out the door, whether to drive to a park, blah-blah-blah.

I finally decide to cut across the railroad tracks.

As I approached them I saw something on the ground, and gave a little chuckle.

9-20-2013_013A dollar! I picked it up, took 2 more steps and saw this:

9-20-2013_014Now I was up to $1.25!

And 2 steps later?


2 pennies! I made more in the stretch of 10 feet than my bank gives me in interest in several months!

I find pennies regularly, then dimes second most. Rarely nickels though I don’t know why. I have a rule, if I find a $10 bill near a business I turn it into customer service. But anything smaller I consider fair game. I haven’t found a $5 bill, but I have found 5 separate dollars. Even in the woods I have found coins that have tumbled out of pockets in a bid for freedom. It is a weird world that puts money by your feet just when you think that nothing exciting happens to you. Now obviously this isn’t the proverbial suitcase of unmarked $20s many would like to find, but it is a gentle reminder that the universe provides in ways we don’t expect.

Andy Catlett started it!

I first “met” Andy in A World Lost  by Wendell Berry, and from there went on to meet Hannah, Nathan, Jaybar and the many other characters. These are some of my favorite books of all time, they are beautifully written. As such I was delighted when I saw these two newspaper pieces honoring Wendell Berry.



Berry 001


Too often it seems as if the really fabulous books and authors are overlooked for yet another knitting romance, troubled childhood memoir or vampire story. Wendell Berry’s books are timeless ones, think Laura Ingalls for adults, that are so filled with richness and human character. And he writes poetry too! Here is just one of my favorites:

…………..On the Theory of the Big Bang 

…………..as the Origin of the Universe

…………… ..I.
………………What banged?

………………Before banging
………………how did it get there?

………………When it got there
………………Where was it?

(Just a little mental fuel to start your week!)

Fall side dish

Easy, easy, easy side dish for a weeknight meal.

8-29-2013_008Scrub up some white potatoes, and cut into cubes.


Let them soak for about 15-20 minutes.


Toss with 1TB of olive oil and sprinkle with rosemary. (you can add minced garlic or other spices if you wish)


Spread on foil lined cookie sheet and put in preheated 400 degree oven.

(adjust temp based on your amount of time before dinner, 375 works fine too)


Bake until they are as golden as you want, 20-40 minutes depending on the size pieces and temperature.

(Wedges take a bit longer than cubes.)


Passing time

Peabody window


I wonder if anyone ever opens these curtains and enjoys the light coming through the glass sphere? Or if maybe just a hint of the color seeps through the material and that is enough. When i saw this window it struck me as a very lonely spot, there was a definite mood clinging to the building that seemed to reach out onto the sidewalk. It seems like every possible story could be contained behind these barriers, closely guarded to keep them within. Maybe it was just my imagination running wild again,but even looking at the image I can feel the oddness of the spot. Maybe once the sun and crowds have passed the curtains are thrown open and the window is lit from within changing the whole feel.

Then that would be part of the story too.

8 months back


On what may well be the last hot and humid day of the summer, I thought a winter image might help cool me off. And it does, visually at least. The evening I took this was one filled with a biting cold wind which I can still feel, the air was sharp and made my skin tingle. A regular winter day.

I will keep this image in mind as I eat my lunch outside in the shade and enjoy the weather as it is.