Feeling right at home




In my rambles around the internet and in magazines I came across bluhomes.com. It is an amazing site for anyone interested in current architecture trends and simple, elegant living. This image (from their site) shown above is just one of many interior and exterior shots they show of the 8 home styles they offer. With each one having a range of sizes it makes for a variety that offers something for everyone. Plus, they have a function where you can configure your own to really make fit.  Now, even if I lived in the above house there would be books, mismatched items and a lived in feel, but how soothing is this image to look at!? With the trend for most of us to build less energy hungry houses that don’t feel cramped, I think Blu is onto something.  Who doesn’t want smaller energy bills, less to maintain, great light and a spacious feel to their home? And even if you don’t want to build new, the ideas you can get for renovating wisely are numerous. Not looking to move, love where you are? You can still enjoy a stroll through the Bluhomes site just to see what new ideas are out there.


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