Capping the day



Yesterday I was able to squeeze in a couple solitary hours in my studio, and even though I spent it mainly cleaning it was so nice to have some quiet to myself. I puttered around dusting, sweeping, sorting and gauging progress on pieces. I am someone who doesn’t mind being on my own, I find it relaxing because it allows me to focus better. Last evening I seized some more free time and went out for a sunset hike. It was just me and about a thousand mosquitoes that didn’t seem terribly put off by the bug spray, but didn’t bite.



All in all it was a nice evening to be out even if the sky wasn’t full of colorful clouds. I am trying to get out of the summer slowdown so I can really get things done this fall. Cleaning up in the studio was one step, getting back out on the trail is another. Fall gives a framework that summer lacks, encouraging activity and industry as each day shortens more noticeably. I have 2 shows to get ready for, plans to make, and a class to take: and I am ready to tackle them. Last night as I left the sunset lit section of the trail and entered the darker part of the trail it seemed the perfect way to end the day,                               light to dark to home.



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