Yesterday I went to the ocean, even though we live fairly close to it we don’t get there very often. For me it is a necessity to do so at least once a year. As I get closer, I feel my spirits lift and mind start to come into focus. Being by the water gives me a chance to step back from things and let whatever is on my mind drift about and settle for a bit before it drifts some more. I feel like I have a million decisions to make with shifting or scanty information, and watching the waves roll in and out; unconcerned with anything, helps put it in perspective. It doesn’t change the need to make decisions, it just allows me the space to not let them take on sizes that cloud the real issue. As I have gone twice recently to the ocean, I know I am letting my perspective get skewed. When I go someplace near water, I try to let the special quality of the light wash over me and rejuvenate me, taking in as much as I can to store for later. I find that light near water has a quality all its own which I call Pellucid-ity, as it brings with it a lucidity of thought that I am seeking. Generally I am a “make decisions and move on” type of person, with only occasional waffling. Recently though I have found I am what iffing way too much over every decision, which drives me nuts, as nothing proceeds. Yesterday helped me set it all aside to see what appears naturally and to stop the over thinking, Hopefully I stored up enough to keep my reserves high, if not i will set aside another day for a trip to the ocean.


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