Walking it out


The rain is coming down in buckets right now, no morning walk unless I put on waders! I did get out yesterday afternoon though, and in spite of the bugs not being deterred by the bug spray, it was great to be out. There is a trail not too far from my house that leads to this great double pond. You feel like you are miles from anywhere. As it is long and narrow there is a feeling of expansiveness as it stretches beyond your vision that feels very restful. I had the whole place to myself, seeing no one until I was walking out. Those walkers had seen the bear so actually I had it less to myself than I thought! There are bridges and overlooks as the trail circles the entire circumference of the pond, so each turn has a new vista. I sat on the bridge and enjoyed this view for quite a while, just mulling things over and enjoying the breeze. Walking is how I sort things out in my mind, both the silly annoyances and vexing problems. If I am lucky I can discard the silly and solve the vexing as I go, allowing me to leave in a different frame of mind. Discarding the silly isn’t like littering, it is more like adding to the compost as whatever they are they breakdown quickly when no longer annoying me. Much like a swatted mosquito, the silly annoyances don’t detract from the view or clutter the path. It is good to get out in the clear air, clear my head and come home refreshed. I so needed that to combat the aimless and antsy feelings I had all day. Sometimes a walk is all it takes to get you back on track!


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