I pass a wonderful piece of farmland nearly everyday as I go to and fro in my life, and I am always glad there is no for sale sign on the farm. It is one of the few spaces on this stretch of road that is open enough for the sky to spread out in all directions, and perfect for seeing sunrises, sunsets and great clouds.  When I can, I like to pause here, or at least slow down, to drink in the varying light.  I first saw it close to 20 years ago while driving aimlessly around on a winter day, the light was beginning to fade and casting colors onto the ice-covered snow making for a beautiful view. I still have those negatives, though my memory is probably richer than they are. As much as I enjoy urban images for the energy, I love to take a break and see some nature. Both give me something I need, and play off of each other in unexpected ways, allowing me to refresh myself before moving on to the next thing, Right now I feel as if something is trying to get my attention, the way a voice will unexpectedly call out to you in a crowd and you can just barely hear them, but know you heard something. Your senses strain to locate the source and decode the message as the crowd swells and moves around you. Just being alerted to the sound changes the dynamic of the experience, even if you can’t make sense of it at that time. I find that fascinating; that a different trajectory can open up on something so seemingly vague. A quick pause that redirects you.


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