Drawing it out



Getting back into sketching has been interesting as my skills are a bit rusty, but it is coming back…slowly. It has done me good to try to do a daily sketch of something, making me step out from the comfort I find behind my camera. The hardest thing is trying to relax my style and make freer drawings. I am used to the more exact nature of graphic design (which I don’t want to follow), than the fine art approach. Plus, I am finding it hard to find “my style”. I am working at a character style that just seems to be ending up wooden or too cartoon like, which is so frustrating. But it is all good, all progress in a new direction. My logic behind this is to help prepare me for the painting class I am taking this fall. I am hoping if I stretch myself now the class will not be such a shock as I stepped out of my comfort zone ahead of time. I am, by turns, both excited for the class and questioning my wisdom in signing up for it. It will be quite a change from my solitary rambles with my camera. I have wanted to try a painting class for years, but have always put it off for the usual reasons (time, confidence, money, location etc). This year I finally took the step and signed up, only to immediately second guess myself. Which is silly as this isn’t part of a degree program, it is for fun. Somehow the ‘fun’ part gets overshadowed when trying something new, but I hope I will be able to recapture the feeling I had when I decided to sign up. Maybe if there had been less of a lead time I wouldn’t be so unsure, the waiting gives ample time for the inner critic to chime in, and we all know how hard they can be to silence. All in all I am excited about trying something new and gaining new skills. It will all be fine, I just need to chill and enjoy it. (Right, easy to say hard to do!)


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