New week, old month

123 boats closeup 1

Here it is the final few days of July, the start of a new week that wraps up this month. It doesn’t seem possible that August is just days away. I need a week or two of it being no month. It was that way when I was a kid, There was June (end of school), July and August, but also a stretch of summer that seemed timeless. It was probably when friends were all away or at swimming lessons and was just a regular July or August week, but it felt as if time was suspended, awaiting the resumption of regular days. Each day was like the previous one, the cicadas singing in the trees, the sprinkler spraying ice cold water and the lightning bugs dancing in the bushes at the edge of the yard at dusk. Now I feel as if each month can’t possibly be leading  so quickly into the next, as if there has been a snipping away at the days. This sleight of hand is at work right in front of me and I cannot seem to figure out how it is done.  And so it goes, each week rolling by and on into the following month, this time bringing August to the doorstep. So I will savor these last few days of July as they seep away, and then will embrace the days of August.


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