Moving along

4-5-2013_004Much against my natural tendency against buying things, I did get a new computer. It came down to the dollar value of putting money into what was a refurbished unit a few years old, or applying that same money to a new unit. Though I did walk around and around the store second guessing my expenditure. I was mired in buyer’s remorse even before deciding to get it; the natural resources used to make it and the packing, the waste of the old unit, etc. In the end I did walk out with the box o’computer stuff. However, I can now take apart the old unit and see if I can figure it out and maybe get it running, or at least enjoy rummaging around. The removable hard drive still awaits rescue. I am now working on familiarizing myself with the new computer and all the little things that have changed. Funny how clunky all my movements seem to be in spite of that fact that the keyboard is exactly the same. In the overall scheme of things this definitely falls under nuisance, though an especially annoying one. Life moves on from here, and this computer will feel right once I get used to it.

It is all good.


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