On vacation

Apparently this week is part of the annual vacation period for IT people. I am still without my computer or external hard drive, which is seriously slowing my daily work. Using a spare computer is helpful, but having no access to my newest images or editing software is a bother. I am wondering where exactly IT people go for vacation, a pilgrimage to DELL or Apple? A computer convention? Or do they truly leave work behind and do nothing electronic? I do not know, all I know is I wish I had the skills to fix the darn thing myself. That would be great, then I’d be back up and running; (or sitting amongst a pile of parts!) And I know there is geek squad, but gulp, the cost! Which would be for repair and recovery! Darn near the cost of  whole new computer and hard drive. So, since photo editing is a no go, I have been sketching everyday. Not my strong suit, but it is helping to keep me sane. And sanity is in short supply. Hopefully next week I will be back up and running, instead of limping along as I have been this past week.

Time will tell.


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