I am at a loss today to gather my scattered thoughts into a cohesive one. My mind is on everything and nothing at the same time.  Not a very productive way to start my week. It is that anxious sort of feeling you get when you are sure you have forgotten something and can’t remember what, or are waiting for an important phone call. There is a pent up nervous  energy that refuses to be channeled into anything productive. Well, maybe into cleaning. That will be what I put my hands to, it will keep my busy while my mind can filter through whatever is cluttering it up. Every month my friend and I choose a “project of the month” (POTM), anything from clearing out a jam packed bookshelf to taming a corner of the basement. My project is to empty and wipe down the dish cupboard, and as we are due to meet up on Thursday I really should get after it. It is just a matter of doing it, and I am not sure why I let it slide, I’ll blame the lethargy brought on by the heat. POTM is not glamorous, but the feeling of accomplishing an ignored task is rewarding. over the past year we have cleared out shelves, boxes and closets; either donating, recycling or consolidating the contents. We may not be able to fix the world, but can keep our corner of it moving along in an orderly fashion.

Want to join in and do a POTM?  Here are some easy guidelines.

1. Do it with a friend or two that you see regularly.Being accountable to each other makes sure you don’t push it further down the to do list.

2. Keep it manageable this is a must, too big a project will grind to a stop given that life intervenes unexpectedly.

3. Look at your space with kind but clear eyes. You know what needs attention, and what will be your nemesis. The cellar is still nagging at my friend, but she is tackling it in small segments.

4. Go to your library and check out Take the U out of Clutter by Mark Brunetz or It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for  by Peter Walsh. They are probably 2 of the best books. No “10 minutes to perfection” sales pitch, and both are interesting to read.

12 months: 12 POTM. It can be done.


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