Life today


Last week it was the computer acting up, last night it was the removable hard drive. Yikes! All the files I moved off the potentially ailing computer are on that device which now no computer seems to want to recognize. A small ray of sun is that only 8 weeks of photos are on it, but of course they are suddenly 8 weeks of fabulous images in my memory. So both are now off being checked for a pulse or a post mortem, depending on the results. This is where the great technology of the day feels more like a bad joke. I still have negatives from 30 years ago, more if I count the ones from my childhood, all i have to do is open the box and there they are. As long as no floods, fires, tornadoes or such hit they will remain tangible and usable. The very vaporous quality of digital files doesn’t allow this, not to mention the unreliability of devices, fine one second and dead the next, which is unnerving. I have been reading about cloud storage options, which simply shifts the storage “out there” into someone else’s hands and onto equipment just as likely to quit unexpectedly. It all becomes an exercise in finger crossing, this digital world, hoping what we worked on will be retrievable when we need it. Yes, rolls of film got lost or mis-processed in the past, but it was a couple of rolls (which still felt dreadful), now it is maybe thousands of images with no recovery. Still, life goes on and new images replace the lost ones. I am still hoping that the IT people will be able to resuscitate¬†both the computer and the storage. I haven’t heard yet, and am clinging to a “no news is good news” philosophy.


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