Walking with dinosaurs


This morning I am moving at a slow and cumbersome pace. My computer is still acting up so I am forced to use the old one that is 10 years old. Not sure what that is in computer years, but probably Jurassic. Things that would have taken me just a few minutes only a couple of weeks ago, now take hours in total. It is not really a lesson in patience so much as a lesson in perspective. It is a computer, it is slow, I still have food, water, shelter and freedom. Overall it is nothing more than a nuisance and I can manage. Hopefully the computer gurus will be able to figure out what the issue is, last week they said it was a virus, but it is still actin up. Since I am not terribly computer repair savvy I can’t do much. but sometimes I wonder if “virus” is the code for “I really have no idea, but maybe this will take care of it”, much like car repairmen say “It was the filter”. Ah well, all will come right in the end.


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