Caught by surprise

Just a couple of weeks back I was taking a stroll on a path by the river when I saw this heron poised at the base of the waterfall.  A wonderful sight to see.



He was just standing in the spray, enjoying the coolness while scoping for something tasty to snack on. This was not a surprise to me, as herons are fairly common around this area. What did surprise me was this:



Having watched Jeremy Wade’s show River Monsters, I knew immediately that this was one of them. Okay, maybe not really a monster, but not what I expected to see. Or what the heron was probably considering for a snack. The NH Fish and Game figured it was a common carp. Common? Not so fast I say, I am thinking it is Nashy the great fish of the Nashua River. Hopefully it will continue to live a quiet life in the river and not have fame overtake it!


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