Cooling off


Another stretch of hot humid weather is upon us. Yet what I really need cooling off from is my computer, which has decided to work only intermittently. I expect many of you know the frustration of this, and the feeling of helplessness at not knowing what exactly is wrong or how to fix it. Speaking sternly to it does no good, removing the battery and letting it sit in time out and think about its actions produces spotty results. So, now I have a sullen computer, sitting battery-less, showing me no love and getting none in return. Where did it all go wrong? It gets the needed electricity, daily attention, hasn’t been dropped, and has no virus. Instead it has chosen to sit like an unambitious lump, being moody and refusing to exhibit any get up and go.


Is it possible that my computer is in puberty?

This does not bode well for daily life here. For either of us. Paper and pencil never let me down like this. Even a broken tip was no big problem. Of course there was no web access option either, but all in all there are days I think it is the superior technology. Using paper and pencil the only thing that bogs down or crashes is my brain. Ah well…progress.


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