Out to the horizon

4-12-2013_041Sometimes in life we are so busy looking to the horizon that we miss the stretch of life between it and ourselves. That whole expansive field of possibilities, ignored. Often this is done in a search for a solution or potentially better situation, sometimes it is done to try and divine what is coming so  preparations can be made. Yet just as often as the gaze is sent into the distance; the solution, situation or need for preparation is much closer at hand. The image above is not actually some painted distant horizon, but an extreme closeup of a rusty drainpipe that became grainy as I zoomed in. I like the unexpected result that gives the feel of a shoreline or field spreading into the sky. Vertically it was just a cool, old rusty pipe hanging unnoticed  from a building marked for imminent demolition. Yet it caught my eye as being something more. (Luckily it did not catch my arm or surely a tetnus shot would have followed!) Out on the horizon things look entirely different than they do up close, neither better nor worse, just different. The key is to not focus so much one that the other view is missed.


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