January to now

Ice sculptures

I cannot believe half of 2013 is gone. I really think we got shorted somehow somewhere, a day or two here and there. Maybe I am mistaken, and have just allowed some days to slip away unnoticed. So, how are those resolutions holding up? Can anyone even recall them at this point? I am closing in on the 100 postcards (75ish), and have signed up for a painting class, and have tried to get out and be more social. That is the toughest one, of course I haven’t started the course yet so I could be wrong! There is an ebb and flow in all of those, and I have to bear that in mind and not get too anxious when the pace drops off, the creativity dries up and the occasional day falls apart. The unusual spells of weather this spring and early summer are good reminders that calendar time and clock time have almost no bearing on natural time. As we all step into the next half of the year may we do so with kindness to ourselves and others, and a good sense of humor.


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