School Days




[This is a ; & a ) post…enjoy!]Bradley School

As I am job hunting, and seeing that the advent of computers has made a bunch of my previously used skills obsolete, I have made the decision to go back to school, for a one year program.

I have not undertaken this decision lightly, much thought has gone into it.

The chosen program  is called Kindergarten.

If I am going to invest that time I want it in a place that has snack, recess, music, art and nap-time.

Laugh if you want, but “the experts” all suggest that we return to school, taking advantage of student loan rates and grants to make ourselves more marketable. As I see it kindergarten is the perfect choice. I can do half or full day program, I will have met the birthday cut-off date and I have reached certain required benchmarks for admittance to the program. Why go back to college, which is many times the cost and time required, take on the heavy workload and run the risk of still not being able to get a job. Kindergarten is offered free in my town as part of the public school system, they even have a graduation ceremony and ice cream social at the end!

And as has been said “All I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten!” It would seem many, many of our leaders and CEOs should also get a refresher year of kindergarten, though they were probably not rule followers then either.

Anyhow; see you at the bus stop!        ; & a )


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