Whiling away

There is nothing quite like an expansive porch to while away the summer days and evenings on. And isn’t this one a beauty? The expansive view off into the distance calling you to relax.



Your mind drifts to the idea of a spot to curl up with a good book, a pitcher of lemonade at hand or maybe a few friends to sit and chat with. It is all possible. It’s just that this particular porch now sits in a less than tranquil spot.


6-20-2013_003  6-20-2013_014






Main St isn’t what it used to be and this building some time ago was gifted to the city for use as a library, but is now shuttered and sits as storage while decisions are made. Which sounds so ominous. Still it must have been quite a house in its day. I like to think that on summer days like this the porch was full of friends laughing and enjoying themselves. Somehow that makes its present stillness easier to accept, as if the house can recall  memories of other solstices as the modern world zips by.



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