January to now

Ice sculptures

I cannot believe half of 2013 is gone. I really think we got shorted somehow somewhere, a day or two here and there. Maybe I am mistaken, and have just allowed some days to slip away unnoticed. So, how are those resolutions holding up? Can anyone even recall them at this point? I am closing in on the 100 postcards (75ish), and have signed up for a painting class, and have tried to get out and be more social. That is the toughest one, of course I haven’t started the course yet so I could be wrong! There is an ebb and flow in all of those, and I have to bear that in mind and not get too anxious when the pace drops off, the creativity dries up and the occasional day falls apart. The unusual spells of weather this spring and early summer are good reminders that calendar time and clock time have almost no bearing on natural time. As we all step into the next half of the year may we do so with kindness to ourselves and others, and a good sense of humor.


School Days




[This is a ; & a ) post…enjoy!]Bradley School

As I am job hunting, and seeing that the advent of computers has made a bunch of my previously used skills obsolete, I have made the decision to go back to school, for a one year program.

I have not undertaken this decision lightly, much thought has gone into it.

The chosen program  is called Kindergarten.

If I am going to invest that time I want it in a place that has snack, recess, music, art and nap-time.

Laugh if you want, but “the experts” all suggest that we return to school, taking advantage of student loan rates and grants to make ourselves more marketable. As I see it kindergarten is the perfect choice. I can do half or full day program, I will have met the birthday cut-off date and I have reached certain required benchmarks for admittance to the program. Why go back to college, which is many times the cost and time required, take on the heavy workload and run the risk of still not being able to get a job. Kindergarten is offered free in my town as part of the public school system, they even have a graduation ceremony and ice cream social at the end!

And as has been said “All I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten!” It would seem many, many of our leaders and CEOs should also get a refresher year of kindergarten, though they were probably not rule followers then either.

Anyhow; see you at the bus stop!        ; & a )

Strawberry Moon

The first full day of summer ended with a beautiful full moon. I rarely ever get out to get night shots and only grabbed these from the driveway. As it usually goes; as soon as I got set up clouds rolled in and covered the moon, and stayed for longer than I was willing to swat away mosquitoes.


Every month I say I will get out, yet either the weather or  the schedule doesn’t cooperate. Yet I live in hope.


Even with the clouds the reflected light was bright enough to read by and a lovely peachy color.

How amazingly brilliant the full moon must have seemed in the centuries before artificial light.

Whiling away

There is nothing quite like an expansive porch to while away the summer days and evenings on. And isn’t this one a beauty? The expansive view off into the distance calling you to relax.



Your mind drifts to the idea of a spot to curl up with a good book, a pitcher of lemonade at hand or maybe a few friends to sit and chat with. It is all possible. It’s just that this particular porch now sits in a less than tranquil spot.


6-20-2013_003  6-20-2013_014






Main St isn’t what it used to be and this building some time ago was gifted to the city for use as a library, but is now shuttered and sits as storage while decisions are made. Which sounds so ominous. Still it must have been quite a house in its day. I like to think that on summer days like this the porch was full of friends laughing and enjoying themselves. Somehow that makes its present stillness easier to accept, as if the house can recall  memories of other solstices as the modern world zips by.





Whoa now! What is that passing by the small gap between the mill buildings? I guess you can put whatever spin on it you want. Is it graffiti? Life? Death? Mortality? A reminder? All your hopes and dreams? Something coming or going?

Or maybe just a bit of art someone painted on the side of a boxcar. Whichever one speaks to you this was not what I expected to see as I shot the train as it pulled by. It was just by chance that I was in the stairwell when it started to move so I decided to see what came along. most of the cars had the usual graffiti, colorful, painted over, or flaking off. until this car rolled into sight. I was so surprised to see it that it almost got out of sight unrecorded. Yet another spot of chance encounters that give something   unexpected and fresh. Some days do go by seemingly devoid of anything with a zing, which must be due to state of mind or distraction because there is always something, it just gets overlooked by eyes fogged with daily issues. Some times the fog can be penetrated and an amazing sight comes into view. Other days a foghorn is the only thing that gets through, warning of shoals and shallow water ahead. Navigating with clear eyes is the best, not so easy to due with daily weather fronts that cloud our vision. And so many turn out to be much smaller than the storm clouds our worried and fretful minds perceive, wasting precious time and energy for any real storms and from the gift of the day we are in.

We humans are so …

perplexingly human.

On the same page

I fooled a bit more with the page I posted a little while ago in Mondrian style, changing it to a graphic linear design.

lines of verse

I liked the strength of the horizontal lines, but it felt like there was something more.

And then I found a second poem hidden on the page too.


Who knew?

Sometimes things are in plain sight if we just take a moment to be calm and look.