Re-framing it


railcar thru windowUnexpectedly I am spending my day at home awaiting a repairman for something beyond our at home DIY skills. This is changing the entire layout of my day, but not necessarily in a bad way, it is just all in how I use the time as it is. Depending on what the repair entails it could very well change the layout of my whole week! So, since life has tossed up a detour sign in my path I am going to work on those things that I have on my “I’m a-gonna” list.

Such as…

using my Wacom bamboo and getting better at it

wading through old image files and culling the herd

dusting and window washing (notice that is at the bottom of the list!)

This way even though I can’t get out on a hike, to the studio… or really anywhere I can still make progress in some direction. Not too many years ago, possibly even sooner than that, I would have spit and spluttered about the inconvenience of  having MY day disrupted. It meant I was having my day wasted and “nothing” would get done.  I would have taken it as a personal affront, which I can now look back on and chuckle at a bit embarassedly. Being annoyed or getting angry didn’t change the situation, it just made it seem to be unending. I had to keep in mind whatever the situation was, it was finite, and I just needed to change how I was going to deal with it. It didn’t change the situation, just my irritability over it. I just had to re-frame it, and sometimes I succeed better than others. It is an ongoing process after all.



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