Looking Through

Sometimes I end up having a theme appear in my photos that allows me to delve into a new way of looking at things. This time it is framework that is appearing around an image, and adding a little bit more to it. I can pull all sorts of parallels to life in general on this topic: the importance to see beyond what is there, focus, and even glimpsing something new. And I am taking all of those into consideration as I walk around looking at things.  But mainly I am just looking for an interesting way of seeing the image. It is allowing me to walk familiar routes with fresh eyes, seeing the same things a new way. So, I am trekking up to the top of parking garages for the view, taking the canal walk behind the buildings and looking up, and generally trying to get out at different times of day to see how the light plays. Personally I find that doing this carries over into so many aspects of life; my willingness to try new recipes, art techniques, books and routes home. All in the interest of not getting stale.

Here are a few images that catch this fresh framework idea.









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