Old Goal



*this is a-  ; & a )   post, enjoy!

Lake George mansion

When I am old I want to be Miss Marple. The reasons for this are varied, but a few of them are that she is healthy, mobile, perceptive, loquacious and wry. It is a great mix to strive for I think. She always has an adventure to interesting places to keep her engaged, and knows everyone through various connections. I will need to learn to knit or have some other portable skill, maybe I can be the elderly tourist lady with her Nikon coolpix seeming to innocently take photos that will later reveal valuable clues. I will also need a carpet-bag of some sort to travel with. A mastery of obscure facts and familial connections will also need to be developed, as will the ability to get invited to grand country homes. I will need to develop a more social approach which will require me actively being engaged. The getting old part will happen without any input from me. So, I will be out and about Marple-ing around the countryside, not missing a beat, and making obscure statements such as:

  • “It really is very dangerous to believe people. I never have for years.” (Sleeping Murder)
  • “I’m an old friend from childhood days. His, not mine.” (4:50 From Paddington)
  • “On the contrary, Mr. Pye, I usually find the most likely people behaving exactly as I would have expected.” (The Moving Finger)

I can see that this endeavor is going to require some work in order to successfully come to pass. But it is good to have a plan, something to shoot for than can be undertaken over a stretch of time. Much like marathon training, nobody decides the day before to run one the next day. So, I am off to a decent start, having at least set a goal to work towards. Jolly good!      ; & a )


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