Spacing Out

I am missing out on studio time this week due to school vacation and college visits, which is making me itch to get back in and work on something. I am also awaiting a delivery of supplies. I love that feeling of anticipation of waiting for a package to arrive. It is a funny feeling as I am the one who placed the order and should know what is coming and not be so excited. But I am! I do the same with everything I order, I can’t wait to open the box and breathe in all the…possibilities that are inside. This box will have frames in it so I will be able to get some new prints up on the walls of my studio. Here are some images from February when I rehung everything following the sandblasting.




Come June I will have a new across the hall neighbor and several down the hall neighbors as new spaces open up and people come and go. As I grow into my space I want to add a couple more work surfaces. I have 2 one is more for desk/computer work and the other for painting and framing. I don’t like to have wet and dry on the same surface though, it makes it hard to move easily between 2 activities.  So, even though they aren’t very attractive, the old serviceable folding table will be what I get. They are easy to clean, can be collapsed if needed, easy to move. If I were to start to explore encaustic it also makes sense to have a durable surface. My mind is awhirl as I consider the next year in the studio. Maybe I will even be able to squeeze in a painting class this fall, it’s all out there…the possibilities waiting to come out of the box!


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