Studio Updates

As I haven’t written about the work being done here at the Western Ave Studios in some time, I thought I’d give an update. The basement level is closing in on completion. New windows are going into the spots where old windows once were. Walls and electricity are in place, plumbing will follow. The upper floors have had their share of work being done too. Big studios have been cut in half to make ones about 150 square feet or so, windows have been swapped out, empty stretches made into new studios. For awhile it felt a bit melancholy to see all the studios empty, but now there is a sense of new opportunities waiting to happen. I have tried to walk weekly around the building to keep up with the changes and see the evolving spaces before the spaces are filled and doors are shut. I have put together some images from these walks to give you an idea of how things look, and hopefully to impart some sense of the feeling in the spaces. I feel so lucky to have my space, every time I come into it I am excited. And it works out so much better than the formerly spare bedroom, basement or back of livingroom.

Studio awaitingsun falling

solitudestudio morning

2-12-2013_030a little bit melancholy


3 thoughts on “Studio Updates

  1. aloha Rebecca. you have caught beautiful light and a great sense of spacial composition in all of these. I can see why a studio here is appealing. do you know which space will be yours, and the time(s) of day your space will light up?

    • I have actually been in my space for almost a year and won’t be relocating at swap time. Some people move to larger or smaller spaces. My space faces south and geting moving sun all day. Much like the one with the screen on the floor between the 2 windows I have in the post. But my walls are a light apricot courtesy of the last tenant.

      • yeah I can understand the appeal of that light. I might not want to trade either. I might prefer white or a slightly off white wall, but changing the color might depend on the actual situation color too. way fun on seeing this pull together. aloha

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