Weeknight feeding time

Some days when you get in the door from work, you are hungry and want something good that won’t take ages to fix. Here is a solution for those of you with weeknight grumbles in your stomachs. It is really easy, and can even be done in a crock pot cooking for the day on low. This is the stovetop version.

Easy Italian beef stew


In deep frying pan sauté onion and red pepper till soft (as much onion and pepper as you like)


add cubed boneless sirloin (or chicken if preferred)


when meat is partially browned, add spaghetti sauce (the amount you want) let bubble, stirring occasionally, for 20-30 minutes

cut up green and yellow zucchini/ summer squash while sauce simmers.


add zucchini, let simmer until it is as tender as you want it to be.


cook pasta of your choice, mix cooked pasta into meat, zucchini and sauce pan and serve!


(great as leftovers for next day’s lunch!)


What you’ll need on hand:

red pepper, onion, sauce, meat, squash and pasta, all in the quantity you need. Half a pepper, onion and jar of sauce will make 5 servings with the pasta being just over half a box. I used 2 squash of average supermarket size and tender.


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