A story told in 4 pictures


Once upon a time, a man was given a car to drive through life in

car 1

Wherever he went, there were friends to greet him.

Willis-Knight ad

Over the years, the man maintained the car as best he could.

But eventually things began to wear out. As a result, one day there was damage beyond fixing.

car 2

The beautiful car was totaled.

However, the man walked away.


Robert Killeen


In that weird elasticity that time possess it seems both that it has been more than 5 years, and yet fewer simultaneously. I have to stop and ask myself if something occurred before or after my dad’s death, and sometimes it takes a moment to become clear in my mind. Time is a trickster, condensing and expanding, shifting around our memories like a shell game.  There are things you know are coming yet still surprise you with their arrival, catching you mid stride and forcing you to stop to take it in. As it has and will continue to do for all of us.


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