Not every attempt goes as smoothly as envisioned. Things go awry, schedules change, results are deplorable, it happens. That is when perseverance comes into play. The ability to redirect, reflect on and redo to see if a better result will come about. I think this statue has the look of perseverance to it. There is a glint in her eye, a set to her jaw and a squaring of the shoulders that seems to imply she is preparing to tackle a problem, and is hoping for a better outcome. There is a real strength that emanates from her regardless of the angle you view her from, and for me it is as if she is able to impart that determination to the viewer, to not give up. Don’t we all need a bit of encouragement from time to time to let us know we are not off in left field, that this too will pass? I know I do. Sometimes even getting a blog entry pulled together can seem daunting, nothing seems to be quite the right fit.  Some days every photo I take is lackluster, every creative attempt feels flat, there is a clunkiness to every move. The Blahs. When nothing seems to have that spark, and time seems to dribble away unproductively. It feels like it is going to be the normal way of things, yet eventually it passes. I guess that is where the idea of “keep on keeping on” comes into play, and I am off to do just that, once I eat lunch.


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