A feeling of security

*This is a ; & a ) blog entry.

I first saw this about a month or so ago, didn’t have my camera and it was gone the next time I passed by. But, lo and behold it was back again last Friday and I did have my camera! It cracks me up and I hope it will make you smile too.


Now I understand security is important. It seems to me, however, that this tower doesn’t exude security. I am pretty sure I can breach the barriers and tow the whole thing away, possibly with a mini cooper!  There is a stork like quality to the spindly legs supporting the structure, the barriers are low enough that it looks like it could step over them and go on its way. Humans are so funny! I am not sure if someone is in the tower for their shift, having been cranked slowly into the sky by a co-worker, or if there is a camera that surveys the parking lot and sends the images into a monitoring station. Possibly it is a decoy to make people think they are being watched. If it is a decoy will migrating security towers stop here for a rest, fooled by the decoy? That would be quite a sight, a whole parking lot of towers milling about or resting. How much habitat space does a flock of security towers need anyhow? I think they could become an invasive species and a nuisance, possibly and aggressive one. Maybe this one is being readied for release back into its natural habitat after being injured. Of course now that it has imprinted a human face as a caregiver I expect it will start to follow people around looking for attention and food. For now it looks like some strange exhibit in the asphalt zoo of the shopping mall. If more enclosures pop up I will let you know!


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