Catching my breath

3-20-2013_042 3-20-2013_053 3-20-2013_084It was cold this morning, a sharp cold that creeps into finger joints like ice, it made my breath feel sharp in my throat. But, I didn’t mind (too much) as it was so beautiful after the snowstorm we got yesterday. Last year today, it was close to 80, it won’t get halfway to that today! Since I had grocery shopping to do I took advantage of the ride there to stop in places I have wanted to and capture the snow before the wind and sun took it away. It was a good morning. Now the snow on the branches has that raggedy look as clumps of it drop to the ground. Spring is here in spite of the weather, any snow is just a passing guest. I expect we may get another bit of snow before it all melts away, weather can be unpredictable that way, and at least I won’t be caught in a “wish I had” situation.


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