Finding art

finding art

(paintings by

Surprises and discoveries like this are a delight. When you think the turn in the stairwell will just bring you to another landing and suddenly you are facing a perfectly placed painting (or in this case two). I love that about the studios, the art surprises. Many cold days this winter I would walk around the mill, peeking in studios, seeing how the light fell, watching the progress on the new spaces. There was always something to note if not photograph. And those flights of stairs are a good workout! I am off today to see what other discoveries I can make. The sun is out, the wind is softer, it is a beautiful early spring day. I know one thing I will discover is that the snow has not been cleared from every sidewalk, and some will be blocked by snowbanks, but I will work (and walk) around them. But my spirit needs to get out in the air and take it all in.

And so I am off to find more art in unexpected places!


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