clump of snowy  trees

It is not feeling at all like the end of winter as the snow continues to fall. We have about 8 inches so far, which was what was forecast for our total. Once again schools are closed, highway speeds are lowered and the pace of the day slows to the tempo of the snow falling. It is quiet. It is black and white. It is a peaceful sort of day. Last week there were birds singing their spring songs, today none are around. Of course all the cardinals are in Rome anyhow, leaving my branches bereft of color. Once the conclave is over they will return. Today will be spent reading and doing art as I won’t be driving anywhere. And that is okay, a day of quiet refreshes me and allows me to see things in a different light. And over the weekend the temperature will rise in to the 40s pushing back on the winter weather once again as spring asserts itself. It is all always in flux even when we feel we are standing still, feel as if we are going nowhere and having no idea where to go anyhow. It is all good.


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