Spring ascending


We are about to get walloped with another storm if the weather people have it right. Though to look outside you wouldn’t say we had 2 feet of snow just a month ago. Spring in is ascendance, pushing back the wintry days.

A couple of weeks ago I was wandering around a beautiful cemetery and saw this gravestone. With the bare patches starting to appear this one seemed particularly apropos. Once spring has a firmer foothold I will return to this cemetery for a longer stroll and better access to the grounds. Not everyone likes cemeteries, I find them fascinating. The old stones, the statues, the structures, all of them so beautiful in their design. It is also a great place to walk, no worries about traffic, blocked sidewalks or noise. With all the side paths and roadways I bet if you walked them all you’d clock a few miles, and clear out your head at the same time. And as I try to get back in gear I need to do get my head cleared and focused.


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