A bit confusing

Open for business?


Exactly how would this work out? Open for business, unless it is the salvage business I can’t see too many customers coming through the door. Oh, wait, there isn’t a door anymore. There was no new building on the lot next to or behind this pile. And yet the sign does imply that they are open for business. If they are open at a new and distant location it would seem that would have been the information to put on the sign. When I drove by this I laughed, and had to turn around, and go back to get a photo. I love the ludicrousness of images like this, signs that have mistakes, or have lost vital information due to weather or time. One time I saw one on the sign outside a wallpaper and paper store that said “Hanging demonstration 7:30 Thursday”, I have often wondered how many people showed up. And if any thought it was something else entirely! I recently went by this site and nothing has been built on it, so I am surmising they relocated to a different spot and are still in business.

(This is a-    ; & a )     post,  intended to bring a bit of humor to your day! Future   ; & a )    posts will be marked as such)


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