This house was the Goodspeed house, not too far from where I grew up. In fact I went to school with kids named Goodspeed, though they lived just down the road in a house which is still standing. Which leads me to the next part of this story, the house in this photo was set down a very long drive and had sat empty for years. I am not quite sure why, whether no will was left or if the owner was in a nursing home, or if there were no locatable heirs. Whatever the reason, it finally was brought down and the many acres it sat on divvied up. Two parcels went for houses, the rest left as conservation land. Either way, this house is gone. The curtains that were hanging in the windows, any furnishings that remained, the ripe peaches sign, all the farm equipment scattered around is gone but for these images. The house was once quite grand, the windows had old wavy glass, and there was once a front porch too. It must have been quite a house in its day. It seemed to have a sound roof, no holes gaped skyward so any decay was from all the years it sat empty. Such a shame no one was able to bring it back to life. To put a fresh coat of paint on replaced clapboards, tame the lawn and put lights back on in the windows. But such is life; everything must pass through on its own timetable regardless of what we wish.


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