Check up

We are closing in on the end of the 2nd month of 2013.


It is that time of the year where the good intentioned resolutions are losing ground or already abandoned. How are your resolutions (if you made any) coming along? I am doing better with some of mine than others. I need to get back to my goal of being in studio somewhere close to 30 hours a week on creating something, I did fine the first few weeks, then lost ground the past few. Some of it was life intervening and mixing up the schedule, some was weather and some was just schlumpiness on my part. Time to get up and get going, I need to go back to my mindset of even a few minutes creating will pay off. Time to get out and go to a museum, a show, to go anywhere for inspiration.

I am also working on being more social and doing some networking, that is probably the hardest for me as I am happy by myself, and with the circle of friends I have. But, I am working on it. It is something I find difficult as often it will go like this (as it did yesterday):


“Hello, that wind is sure strong today!”

“What do you mean?”

At which point I wonder what I said, because “Hello, that wind is sure strong today!” was what I thought I was saying but maybe I slipped into some extinct language without realizing it. It is disconcerting, and happens regularly with common small talk. This does not encourage me to strike up conversations and socialize. Maybe people are just too distracted to go passed the hello, I have no idea.


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