Such a hopeful idea


Having read Adam Hochschild’s book:   To End All Wars: a story of loyalty and rebellion,  all I can say is

“Phew, thank goodness mankind learned not to make that mistake again!”

What a shame that isn’t what actually happened. Then again, I guess if a roomful of people can’t agree on pizza toppings and what to chip in for it I shouldn’t expect much when it comes to larger more tricky issues. It is hard to get along with people; even our own family members can drive us to distraction at times. And some families don’t allow you to step away so everyone can cool off or so you can go your own way. The global community is no different, just bigger and more fraught with tribal, historical, religious and economic triggers. I think as humans we actually foster the “us against them” mentality, look at the high school grudge matches that go on for years between sports teams. Look at the old Coke vs. Pepsi advertising campaigns. Everyone loves to put forward their selection as the “right” one, and to denigrate the other. It is crazy. Hochschild’s book covers this from the front lines to the home-front with those who objected to the war. He is able to weave both together telling a story we all know and can still weep over today. It is a book that really makes you wonder why we do what we do, and why we don’t seem to ever conquer that side of ourselves.


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