Personal wealth

I always feel so rich when I leave my local library, toting books that will give me so much more than what they cost.  My library card is the best card in my wallet, no high interest rate, no junk mail and no limit! What a great deal.

This is my library:


 It was built just a few years ago as a gift to the town by a local company. Prior to that it had been housed  in a building that had also boon a gift many, many years before. That memorial library was like a little jewel box, wood paneling, a fireplace all the touches you would expect to find in an old building. But it had reached a point where they had outgrown it and needed a more accessible building. This is the result thanks to the incredible kindness of the company, who saw the need and took on the task. Attached to this building are a senior center and a community gallery space. I am at the library a couple of times a week to stock up and to take stock of what is going on. If they were open today, I’d be there!


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