How We Live Now

I suppose walking through a city nowadays in not terribly unlike walking through one at various points in time. Just less manure. In spite of numerous trash cans, humans still seem to be nonchalant about littering. Whether fast food containers, paper, lottery scratch tickets, even clothing, you can find it scattered along the sidewalks, roads, in lots and waterways. I don’t quite understand the casual approach to the disposal of items. I mean, who loses a shoe and doesn’t realize it with the next step? A baby’s I can see, they kick them off regularly, but one work-boot one, pump ,one sneaker? Then there are the real oddities of the cast off world; records, plates and suitcases. It is all so strange to me. Who walks down the street with a table setting, eating a meal and then just leaves the items? I do get the “free” items that people set out, though some are too gross to think anyone would want. But often there are some good ones such as dressers, chair and table sets and such. But most of what people are casting off is just plastic single use trash that doesn’t seem to tell much of a story except one of consumption. In some areas if I were to jog, I would indeed be running on “Dunkin’”.  And it troubles me.

how we live now


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