Why Wouldn’t There Be?


I can’t quite explain why I was surprised to see a deer in my yard a few days back, after all I do live in a wooded area and we have bear, turkeys, geese, fisher cats and the occasional moose. Now if I looked out and saw a giraffe, a polar bear or a kimodo dragon, then I would have good reason to be surprised! I guess I just enjoy the unexpected delight of seeing wildlife, and sees it as a gift. It feels like a good omen when I see a seer and it isn’t bounding out in front of my car. It gives me a feeling of the continuity of animals as it stretches back into history, the timelessness of their migrations and lives. They have passed over this land my house now sits on for longer than we know. The same goes for the bear, though I wish he’d leave the feeder alone once the sun is up.

Oh, and all the wildlife can leave the ticks elsewhere!


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