End of One Day

The first sunset of 2013. The whole year stretches away in front of me to be filled with sunrises, sunsets and everything that will happen in between. I happened on this spot quite by accident, the place I had planned on stopping at was not plowed out for parking, and the road not wide enough to pull off. So on I went in search of a vista. And there along a stretch of road I haven’t driven was this unspoiled view, and very wide shoulders plus a pull off that was all cleared. Sometimes everything just falls into place when you are ready to turn around and head home, I had given myself 2 more miles on the road before calling it quits as the sun was dropping quickly. I could see the sunset, but it was always where I couldn’t get a good view on it, until this turn in the road. Hopefully all our turns in the road in 2013 will be as pleasant.

1-1-13 1-1-2013.14 1-1-2013.021 1-1-2013_030


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