Walk With Me

This morning ended up being basically frost free, not enough dew overnight. But it was still crisp and cool, so out I went to Ponemah Bog (Amherst, NH) to see how things looked. I hadn’t been there in several years, and the last time it had been such a rainy season that the bog water oozed over the boardwalk with each step and stretches were underwater. This time it was perfect, so I invite you to walk along with me, picturing yourself in the quiet morning air, only distant sounds of civilization reach your ears. Even the birds are muted, going about the morning business of eating and resting for the coming night’s flight on their migration. No one else is about in the bog as everyone is rushing to prepare for tomorrow’s feast, the sky is blue with a few bands of clouds and the boards crunch the frosty bog surface as you walk.

         And here is what you would see-

Entering the Tamarack Trail.

The strange and twisty landscape of the bog.

The flora along the trail, I like the fluffy white seed heads. They look like something from Dr. Seuss!

The pond in the bog.

One of two viewing platforms at the edge of the water, other benches and platforms are scattered along the boardwalk. I’m glad I thought to go today, and plan to go once there is a dusting of snow, it will be beautiful!


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